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Evergreen Greenhouse Manufacturing would like to thank you for your interest in our products. We are a family owned and operated business with honest and hard working people. Our greenhouses are developed to withstand high winds, heavy snow accumulation, and weather corrosion. Our motivation and guiding commitment is to simplify the lives of home gardeners everywhere -- let us do the same for you!


Greenhouses provide a pleasant, controlled environment in which to grow and cultivate limitless varieties of flora and vegetation. In the past, greenhouses were a luxury for the wealthy, but today anyone can become a part of this magical world. In our greenhouse, flowers bloom all year and fresh vegetables are ripe for picking during the winter.


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Each Complete Kit Includes:

Some covering will need to be trimmed.

Door and window not included due to breakage during shipping.

Door Frame Size: 36" x 80"
Window Frame Size: 36" x 36"

Tools Required:

Corrugated Polycarbonate Sheets

Sheets are rigid, transparent, corrugated polycarbonate sheets. Polycarbonate is one of the most advanced polymers in use in plastics today. Polycarbonate features a combination of characteristics: mdpic3.jpg - 16.87 K


Sheet manufacturing is based on the innovative coextrusion technology which enables incorporation of a UV protective layer into the product. This layer does not peel, crease, crack, or wear. It also maintains its transparency in high temperatures. Suntuf sheets are ideal for internal illumination in a wide range of applications.

Product Advantages

Desert Tested...Arctic Tough

Polycarbonate is one of the most durable plastics ever developed. . . so tough, it's even used in the face-shields worn by the astronauts.

Premium Quality Product that offers Outstanding Value. It is exceptionally strong, durable, attractive, easy to work with and provides far-greater resistance to hail, wind, extreme temperatures and harmful UV rays than fiberglass.

It's the ONLY Polycarbonate Panel that's been shown to stand up to weathering for decades with little or No loss of light transmissions.

After years of testing in blazing desert heat and frigid arctic cold, Suntuf remains the clear choice!

Strength to support the following loads. . .



Be sure to place your greenhouse where it will get the maximum amount of sunlight -- we recommend at least six hours of sunlight a day -- partial shade during a portion of the day may be needed for those living in hotter climates.


We recommend 4' fluorescent double bulb lights that can be mounted on center purlin of your greenhouse. Depending on your irrigation system, you may consider weather resistant lights. Lighting your greenhouse benefits your plants and also allows you to garden after sundown.



No matter what type of heating method you choose, you must keep the air circulating to prevent the heat from collecting at the top of the house. We recommend a small two or three - speed fan near the top pointing downward. NOTE: Heat retention is increased when the greenhouse flooring or foundation is rock, gravel, or concrete.


We find that most plants are happiest in temperatures ranging from 60 degrees to 75 degrees. Get information from your local nursery as to the ideal temperatures for each plant variety you wish to grow.

We recommend a vent in the rear of the greenhouse with minimal dimensions of 36" by 36".

Shade cloth is a very inexpensive way of cooling a greenhouse. We recommend shade cloth with 65% to 85% shade capacity. Temperature control is a must, especially with extreme summer heat.

An irrigation mist system will help maintain moisture in the greenhouse which is very important in prolonging plant life.

Don't forget that fans are an easy an convenient method of cooling